Frequently asked questions about booking and staying in hotels and residences

We list the questions that users most frequently ask us. You will find helpful tips for navigating and understanding of the operation of our site.

You can make a booking request directly to the hotel by calling or sending an e-mail or fax request. Instead of filling in the booking form from our website, the request sent will not be demanding, but in a short time you will receive all the information, the applicable offers, discounts, last minute, and how to arrange their holiday.

You should immediately confirm your reservation by phone, fax, or email. We will send you a final confirmation with a request for a deposit equal to 30% of the stay. The deposit must be sent by bank transfer or with an authorization to debit your credit card, or money order. The deposit will be deducted at the hotel from the final bill at the time of your departure.

In case of cancellations made within 7 days of the arrival date there are no penalties or refunds will be offered but there is always the possibility to use the deposit for a future stay (subject to availability confirmation by the Hotel) to be made by 30 September the following year. For cancellations within 6 days from the date of the stay may be required from the hotel a cancellation fee equal to the full amount of the deposit. The down payment you will never be repaid.