Viticcio, Enfola and Sansone


Enfola is a promontory that clings to the isthmus and its name probably derives from the transformation of the Latin word ' Insula '. The promontory of Enfola is interesting both as historical and naturalistic site. The beautiful waters are perfect for snorkeling and the isthmus to be circumnavigated by kayak or paddle boat. Along these paths we can find a rock called “La Nave” near the cave called "Sbruffo" (onomatopeic word remembering the waves sound) and the Bove Marino.

In more distant depths, were found Roman remains: remains of an anchor and amphora which probably contained oil. Walking from the “Tonnara” (now abandoned and restored) it is possible to arrive to the place where it was positioned heavy artillery against the naval raids, which presided the whole slope during the Ward War II: it was invaded by the Germans immediately after the armistice and it was reconquered by the French during the operation Brassard, which relieves Elba from Nazis.

Viticcio and Sansone

The promontory of Enfola helps to form the Gulf of Viticcio, named from the neighboring area. The coastline has so many small coves and the wonderful beach of Viticcio, which is a few tens of meters from the hotel of the same name. The crystal clear waters allow the proliferation of a mass of every kind-fishes, it is not surprising if this area is well known for fishing and diving enthusiasts. The entire coastline lends itself to be explored with small canoes and paddle boats and each point is great to enjoy a bath in a sea-clear.

“Sansone” is less than a mile from Hotel Viticcio. The beach is famous, together with the beach of Le Ghiaie and Capo Bianco, to have the most transparent waters (especially during the warm days of south wind), due to the presence of white and round stones, formed by the slow crumbling of the cliff. With a little of patience and with a little of workout you can get to the beach, also by canoe or boat: the effort will be amply rewarded with wonderful views and an amazing landscape.