The sandy beach of Procchio, Marciana Marina. Experience your holiday on Elba Island


Over 1km of golden sandy beach makes this one of the longest on the island. A very popular beach which offers every amenity and comfort to holidaymakers from the nearby hotels, among which the Hotel Monna Lisa, jewel in the crown of this small, quaint township.

This is a beach that is also steeped in history: it is thought that the name has Latin origins since it was a very important and much used stopover point for the Romans. This was the point where local marble and iron was loaded onto vessels for transportation elsewhere. A hive of activity, therefore, since ancient times!


The beach at Redinoce is essentially man-made, in that a rock platform was built there and covered with sand – approx. 100m of sandy beach with bar and beach facilities.

A quaint cove with crystal-clear waters and the pretty islet Paolina just offshore. Easily reached – a 20min stroll from the main road between Procchio and Marciana Marina.


This lovely fine-sand beach is well sheltered within a horseshoe bay. Its name comes from the ‘sparto’ plant that typically grows around sandy shores.

Punta Agnone is nearby – the site where the much sought-after ‘cipollino’ marble was extracted by the Romans.


Two little beaches on the edge of Marciana Marina, a township whose history probably dates back to Roman times. The Pisan Tower, which takes pride of place behind the larger of the two beaches, was built in the 12th C to guard the port against pirates and Saracens.

Beach of large, smooth boulders, sheltered from all but the most northerly winds by its small jetty and rocky outcrop, ‘Punta del Nasuto’. Pretty and elegant beach, just a stones-throw away for those guests staying at the nearby Hotel Mistral and Hotel Residence Isola Verde which both enjoy panoramic views of the town and its coastline.