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This town was known in Roman times as Caput Liberum, Today Capoliveri is a quaint hilltop town with wonderful views.

This commune stretches from Piana di Mola to the north and as far as Punta della Calamita to the south. To the west it stretches out to include the gulfs of Lacona and Stella. Originally constructed as an Etruscan hilltop fortress, possibly with even earlier origins since the Greeks and Phoenicians were frequent visitors to this island rich in iron and renowned for its copper.

Built within old town walls, Capoliveri has a geometric form, typical of the Latin building tradition. In the Medieval period, this fortified township was expanded around the main square and present-day ‘Via Roma’, which is the main street as well as being the highest, from which all the other back streets and squares branch off, with their characteristic arches steps and narrow alleyways, which buzz with life in the summer months.


Marina di Campo (Campo nell’Elba)

Situated on the south coast of the island with its gulf and its extensive beach; it also has a tourist port. The town’s lively characteristic centre has bars, restaurants, pizzerie and all sorts of shops that offer many facilities for relaxing holidays .

Marina di Campo’s origins are quite recent though, a long time ago, this area used to be subjected to pirate attacks. The town arose around its tower (the “Torre di guardia”) in the XVI century and was populated by fishermen, but it soon become one of the first areas on the island to start with tourism.

Campo nell’Elba’s municipality stretches along the southwest coast of the island and is characterized by Monte Capanne to the west, Campo’s flat country in the centre leading to the sea and the hilly complex of San Martino and Monte Tambone to the east.

In the same municipality you will find San Piero in Campo, a small town protected by Monte Perone’s slopes dating back to the Roman age, when this inhabited settlement was built on a great granit base. With the near Sant’Ilario it is one of the most ancient settlements of the area.

But the real attractions of this zone of the island are the beatiful beaches: from Marina di Campo to Cavoli and from Seccheto to Fetovaia, it is all an incomparable series of granit rocks and sandy shores.