Hotels for celiacs Elba Island

Information and booking service for hotels for celiacs on Elba Island for a seaside holiday on Elba Island free from the food-related problems that characterise the lives of coeliacs.

We are able to provide accurate information for selecting coeliac-friendly hotels in Elba Island, pointing out those facilities that can offer all the best tourist services, but also gluten-free menus, precisely to guarantee coeliacs the same opportunities as everyone else.

Our hotels adhere to the AIC Catering Project “Alimentazione Fuori Casa” (Out-of-Home Diet) and are able to offer an appropriate service for coeliac customers. Our chefs, adequately trained and informed, prepare gluten-free meals and menus precisely as envisaged and guaranteed by the protocol of the Italian Coeliac Association in accordance with the guidelines of the Region of Tuscany.