Hotels in Capoliveri

Booking a hotel in Capoliveri in advance is the ideal solution for those who wish to plan their hotel holiday in advance, choosing from the best opportunities in the Capoliveri area. Having the opportunity to immerse oneself in the splendid nature of the Gulf of Lacona, to look out over a crystal-clear sea, to stroll along a beach of the finest sand and equipped with bars and bathing establishments is the added value of a holiday that is not only a hotel, but also undisputed charm and quality of life at the highest level.

Historical notes on Capoliveri
Capoliveri is today a characteristic village that was founded in antiquity as an Etruscan fortress, and whose name was coined at the time of the ancient Romans (Caput Liberum).From Capoliveri begins the famous ‘Elban mining region’, from which the ancient Romans already extracted the ferrous resources (iron and copper above all) needed to build their tools and weapons. Interesting trekking routes can be organised from Capoliveri, thanks to the existence of nature trails that lead to Monte Calamita (413 m), rich in ancient iron deposits. In the medieval period, the fortified village was built around the main square, the nucleus from which today unravel a whole series of small streets, squares and chiassi, characterised by ancient arches, subways, staircases and side staircases that during the summer season come alive considerably due to the many artistic/cultural events organised by the municipality.