Choose the best rooms on Elba Island now

We have a wide assortment of rooms on Elba Island, of different types and able to accommodate families with small children as well as singles and young people. Located in facilities just a stone’s throw from the sea and equipped with all comforts, our rooms can be chosen and booked in just a few moments using the search form below. If you have special requests, call our Call Centre and ask for advice on available rooms on Elba Island.

How to book our rooms. We specialise in direct booking services and have a rich catalogue containing rooms on Elba Island for all needs and all availabilities. Our experience, gained over many years in the online booking market, allows us to offer complete and customised packages based on individual needs. For those who wish to purchase Elba ferry tickets at the same time, we offer many economical and secure solutions, such as the “all inclusive” rooms Elba Island + ferry formula.